St Michael’s Mount

Roscoe Communications started working with St Michael’s Mount, part of St Aubyn Estates, in October 2018. An incredible family business with an inspiring vision, St Michael’s Mount is home to the St Levan family - as well as a major visitor attraction seeing over 350,000 paying visitors per year.

Through time and tide, the evocative atmosphere of this stunning island beckons people from all over the world. Visitors can explore and discover legend, myth and over a thousand years of history.  They can walk the cobbled causeway or when the tide is in, boat hop to the island.

They can see the ancestral castle, a sub-tropical garden paradise and a close knit island community, home to the St Aubyn family and thirty islanders.

Lauren was commissioned to work with Aletha Mays, Head of Marketing, to work on four strategic marketing projects, from October 2018 to January 2019, from market analysis through to campaign planning and strategy.

Mount Causeway3.jpg